Tonogold Resources, Inc. is a minerals exploration company with gold and silver properties in Arizona, Nevada, and Utah. Our team of geologists, mining executives, and investment bankers is working to build a portfolio of mineral properties that will give our investors a leveraged exposure to gold and silver and allow them to benefit from our exploration, mining and financial expertise.

We create shareholder value by:

  • acquiring or staking attractive gold and silver exploration properties that meet our geological and economic criteria;
  • advancing these properties through mapping, sampling, geological reports, drilling, financing, and feasibility studies;
  • moving the properties into production either ourselves or through joint ventures or royalty arrangements with large mining companies.
Our current properties: Our management team has extensive experience in all the fundamental disciplines required to build a highly successful junior exploration company: geology, mine operations, metallurgy, engineering, as well as finance and investment banking. We work with three senior geologists each with over 30 years of exploration experience in Nevada. Our management team and Board of Directors have public company experience, have executive experience with other mining and junior exploration companies, and have raised capital for other successful ventures.

The industry has benefited from higher gold and silver prices in recent years. However, prior to 2001 the gold and silver mining industry was in a 21 year bear market. Price declines in the underlying metals forced mining companies to curtail their exploration efforts resulting in depleted reserves and a shortage of new mining properties which could replace aging mining properties. Junior exploration companies are playing an increasingly important role in the mining industry due to their ability to find mining properties that the majors need to replace their depleting reserves.

The foundation of the investment opportunity is comprised of:

  • current exploration properties;
  • management experience;
  • the current structure of our industry favoring junior exploration companies;
  • the bull market in gold and silver;
  • future acquisition opportunitie;
  • participation in multiple deals.
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